Everything you need to

successfully demo

Install the app on each platform you think you'll be demoing on

Download the app

Click 'Got a Library?'

Select Dropbox

Dropbox login details: 


Password: digimedemo library Password: demo

Connect to our library

This demo library is for you to use so you don't have to share your own content. 

It includes the following data categories and sources:

  • General Interests - Facebook, Instagram, Twitter Pinterest and Spotify
  • Medical - Cerner Demo Health Record (US Medical)
  • Health & Fitness - Fitbit
  • Financial - Credit Card

Watch our walkthrough

Demoing standard onboarding

Once you have demoed the combined library and consent access, you can start over to demonstrate normal onboarding, enabling you to connect more personal accounts.

Start Over - Open Settings (press on Search button and swipe left). Tap on 'Leave Library' 

You can then connect to your own cloud account and show the normal onboarding process. Repeat the Start Over process to connect to the existing library as instructed above.

Links to prototypes from Iceland Hackathon

Sensei - AI powered chatbot that demonstrates the power of personalisation

Tinderest - what happens when trip advisor uses to personalise recommendations

VaxAbroad - looks through your vaccines records to tell you which vaccines you'll need to travel to a particular place

See what else is going on by checking out upcoming partner apps here.

These are image based, clickable demos to illustrate the opportunities others have seen

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