Everything you need to

successfully demo

Install the app on each platform you think you'll be demoing on

Download the client

This Dropbox account is shared so please do not add or remove libraries

Click 'Already have a library'

Select Dropbox

Login details: 


Password: ibelieveindigime

Select 'Jenny-Clubb' Library

Password: demo

Connect to our library

This demo library is for you to use so you don't have to share your own content. 

It includes the following data categories and sources:

  • Social - Facebook and Instagram
  • Medical - Iceland Health Record
  • Health & Fitness - Fitbit
  • Financial - Bank account

All accounts have been associated to Jenny Clubb. She's pretty active and enjoys horse riding, but is suffering from an illness that means she's in and out of hospital.

A good date to illustrate a mix of content is 5th January 2017 

Jenny competed in a tournament but fell from her horse. She wound up in hospital and having a couple of x-rays and was given some prescriptions. There's also a record of her Uber ride home. There are also entries from her Fitbit.

All content is displayed with the latest post up top, scrolling down to the oldest, so for the 5th January, you'll see the ride home first and can scroll back to see what happened.

Known issues: 

1.8 is released now. Best to start over and reconnect to the Jenny-club library to ensure it works properly.

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Demoing standard onboarding

Once you have demoed the combined library and consent access, you can start over to demonstrate normal onboarding, enabling you to connect more personal accounts.

Start Over - Open Settings (press on Search button and swipe left). Tap on 'Start Over' 

You can then connect to your own cloud account and show the normal onboarding process. Repeat the Start Over process to connect to the existing library as instructed above.

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